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Our wonderful supporters donate to keep the cost affordable for families. Client families pay about half the cost of care, and donations from generous people like you make up the other half. We have to raise $748,000 every year ($2,992 every day we’re open).

Day Givers provide full days of care (gifts of $2,992 or greater) for our client families. Learn more about becoming a day giver or donate online.

The following donations were received in April, May, and June of 2021. A special thanks to all of these individuals, families, businesses, civic groups, and organizations who have provided the Best Days Ever for our clients and their caregivers!

Corporate, Community, and Foundation Day Givers

The Christoval Foundation
Donna and Dave Nelson Family Foundation
Robert E. and Evelyn McKee Foundation – grant for COVID-19 operating funds and install of new LED light panels and fixtures
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Pat Summitt Foundation Fund – grant for COVID-19 operating support

The Pat Summitt Foundation logo

Individual and Family Day Givers

Burt Stroupe

Corporate, Community, and Foundation

AmazonSmile Foundation
Collierville Contemporary Club
Collierville United Methodist Church
CUMC Sonrisers Sunday School Class
Four Seasons Auxiliary for Memory, Inc.
Germantown Women’s Club
Helena Agri-Enterprises
Lost Tribe Traditional Archers of TN
Midsouth Home Helpers
Montgomery Martin Contractors
Renasant Bank Collierville
The American Snuff Charitable Trust
The Village at Germantown
UCL Financial Group

Individual and Family

Lynn and Craig Altepeter
Carole and Steve Angel
Joyce Anschultz
Lisa and Gregory Anyan
Dennis and Jeffrelyn Arterburn
Dee and Barry Baker
James Barkley
Tricia Bates
Ramona Bates
Sherri and Mark Beutelschies
Cathy Black
Rebecca Blanchard
Meghan Blaszkowski
Betsey Bogen
Margaret and Steve Bonnema
Anthony and Christy Bradley
Kathryn Broyles
Jan and Cecil Bryan
David Burton
Gene Cartwright
Al and Jeanne Cash
Leanne Chasteen
Pat Coe
Holly Conner
Deborah Cotney
Chris and Stacy Coughlin
Mike and Charlene Davenport
Julie and William David
Margaret Davis
Camille and Dewitt
Tim and Michelle Dlabaj
MJ and Peter Doran
Noelle and David Dunavant
Debbie Eddlestone
Becki and Craig Edlin
Jordan and Bryan Edmundson
Ian and Anne Engstrom
Amy and Mike Feehan
Ken and Lesley Fluke
Susan and Dennis Ford
Betsy and Bob Friedl
Roland and Angie Frye
Stephen and Melanie Galloway
Ruth Goodman
Judy and Lynn Gorman
Gregory Hall
Jennifer Hellfrich
Karla Bailey-Herbison
Jean Hesselberg
Karen Hjerpe
Jay and Pam Jeffries
Carol Johnson
Ken Judd
Susan and Paul Kenny
Lori and Carroll Kirkpatrick
Jan Knight
Bernie Krock
Jennifer and John Lawhon
Robin and Charlie Leffler
Roger and Sandra Lewis
Ernie and Linda Mannerino
Judy Maranise
Stanley and Nancy McArthur
Frank McCarroll
Becky McDoniel
John McGee
Alane and Chuck Miller
Sherry Moody
Ginny Nanney
Dave and Donna Nelson
Teena Oake
Lucia Outlan
Susan Patrone
James Pope
Sharon Porterfield
Courtney Powell
Joyce Quintrell
Charles Rayl
Sally and Jim Reynolds
Toni and Dave Rhylander
Kim and Donald Robbins
Jennifer Roberts
Susan Roll
Rena Rosenberg
Patti and Gary Russell
Kathy and Ric Russo
Thomas & Helen Salmon
Betsy and David Sexton
David and Betsy Sexton
Kay Shubeck
Debbie and Garry Simpson
Cathy Snow
Georgia Stanfield
Elizabeth Straube
Linda Strong
Holly Thomas
Lauren and Adam Thornton
Barton and Cristin Thrasher
Lisa Turman
David and Becky VanDeren
Linda and Jamie Wainwright
Carol Walther
Mike and Suzanne Ware
Steve and Kim Weaver
Sondra and Keith Webb
Tara Wells
Betty Westmoreland
Scott Williams
Carole and Dodd Williams
Tom and Teresa Wilson
Turner and Gloria Wingo
Robin and Cort Winsett
Kirby and Stella Woehst
Christine and Paul Woods
Harry and Deborah Worley
Lena Zodda

In Memory

Lynn Apple
Paul and Cathy Hisky
Mike and Kim Humerickhouse

Gary Dehls
Susan and Dennis Ford

M.E. Fent
Gerry Burditt
David and Patsy Wing

James Fraser
Larry and Wendy Boyd

Betty Fryman
Scott and Lori Higgins

Joan Gilbert
George and Kay Gibson

Doris B. Goddard
The Goddard Foundation

John Kevin Hyneman
Toni and David Halle

Phil Johnson
Junius E. Davidson
John Fields
Sandra and John Fox
Diana Kabbakoff
Jim and Bond Moore

Frank and June Cannon
Butch and Laurie Myers
The Nollner Family

Dr. Elton King
Greg and Robin Adams
Greg Adams Sunday School Class at Germantown Baptist Church

Verna Bennett Landers
Billy Y. Parris

Betty McCallen
Larry and Wendy Boyd

Charles McKnight
Charles Bartz
Michael and Diann Belote
John and Glenda Brooks
Clint and Holly Butler
Diane and Robert Cannoles
Linda Deane
Sara and Larry Dunn
Becki and Craig Edlin
James Farris
Jenna McGahey Glenn
Mark Greaney
Jeff and Annie Hulett
Debbie Leon
Dotsy and Larry Liles and Molly Kennedy
Brenda Lupo
New Neighbors
Christa Crowe Phillips and Family
Luther and Lori Powers
Jessica Ragan-Williams
Vance and Tricia Randall
Sharon and Carl Schulter
Jean and Jon David Smith
Charles D. McVean
Toni and David Halle

Larry Presson
Wesley and Fara Jones
Tony Tolleson

Gary Rheaume
John Avola
Andrew Baird
April Britt
Rebecca Clark
Christina Douglas
Barbara Drabowicz
Alan Kirk
Cindy Melican
Booke Till
Karishma Velagaleti

Richard R. Spore, Jr.
Toni and David Halle

Bill Weeks
Bobby and Anne Gardino