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Caregiver Support

Care & Share

monthly blog posts featuring advice, life hacks, and encouragement for those caring for a loved one with memory loss

I Want to Go Home

When I think of home, I think of the house I currently own with my husband. It’s where we live with our 2 children and our dogs. I also think of our first home, where we lived for 16 years. Home is also the place I grew up with my parents and my brothers. But... Read more »

The Perfect Caregiver

I have heard on numerous occasions from many caregivers that caregiving is HARD. There is a huge learning curve when caring for someone with dementia. You are in luck because we are here to help! In fact, here are some simple steps that you can follow to become the perfect caregiver. Get your pen and... Read more »


Most of us have been taught that lying is wrong. Our parents, teachers, and friends impressed upon us the importance of always telling the truth. BUT what do you do when your husband with dementia asks you, “When can I see Mom?” And you know his mom has been deceased for 30+ years. What do... Read more »

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caregivers present their cookies from cookie decorating class

Support Groups

When you think “support groups,” you may think awkward, boring, sad, and scary. Our support groups are anything but! Join us for fun and informative caregiver support groups. Get your questions answered, learn, meet new friends, and have a great time. All are welcome.