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The Perfect Caregiver

Monday October 4, 2021

a small trophy with the words "the perfect caregiver"

I have heard on numerous occasions from many caregivers that caregiving is HARD. There is a huge learning curve when caring for someone with dementia.

You are in luck because we are here to help! In fact, here are some simple steps that you can follow to become the perfect caregiver. Get your pen and paper ready to take some notes.

Step 1: Give up trying to be the perfect caregiver.

It won’t happen. You will handle situations badly. You will wish you had said something different or made a different decision. You don’t need to pretend like everything is okay.

Step 2: Give yourself some grace.

This is hard. You are learning on the go. About the time you learn how to manage one thing, everything changes, and there is a new issue to manage. Give yourself a break. Know that this is a race of endurance, not a sprint.

Step 3: When things don’t go right, accept it, learn from it, and do better next time.

Don’t spend time beating yourself up. It does no good. Instead, try to learn from the situation and handle it better next time. Sometimes your best isn’t great, and that’s okay!

Step 4: Take a breath.

You’ve got this! Look at what you have managed so far that you thought you would never make it through. Give yourself some credit for the small successes, the good moments, and the laughs.

If you really thought this blog would tell you how to be a perfect caregiver, I am sorry. There is no perfect caregiver. We are all human, and we all mess up and have regrets. says: “There is no perfect way to take care of an elderly parent except with the most love and patience you are able to muster on that particular day.” Do the best you can each day. That is being the best caregiver.

Written by Sheri Wammack, LBSW