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The Importance of Laughter

Wednesday August 30, 2017

Kermit on a couch - the importance of laughter

Knock. Knock.
“Who’s there?”
“Humor who?”
“Humor me for a second and read this blog post.”

We know… we should stick to the caring and supporting and leave the knock, knock jokes to someone else. If you made it through that joke without cringing or scrunching your face up in confusion, we applaud you. Go treat yourself to a cookie (or several).

Here’s the point: It is so very important for you, as a caregiver, to laugh. Life is hard. Hold on to your sense of humor. Sure, a sense of humor won’t change your situation, but it can change your perspective.

Take these 2 examples:

Your dad stands up in the middle of a restaurant and starts singing and dancing. One of his favorite songs is playing in the background at Huey’s. You can be mortified and quickly ask him to sit down, or you can get up and dance, too. Because WHO CARES?

Your wife says something completely inappropriate to a total stranger. You can blush furiously and angrily shush her. Or you can let it go and laugh later… because come on… it was a pretty funny comment.

*Serious side note: We are not encouraging you to laugh AT your loved one. Laugh WITH him or her. Laugh at the bizarre, awkward, ridiculous situations you get into.

Laughter isn’t just an important part of your emotional health, it’s also essential to good mental, physical, and spiritual health. There are lots studies to back this up, but we won’t bore you with the details.

You need to laugh. You have permission to laugh. You carry a heavy load as a caregiver, so we invite you to put down that load for a few minutes and remember what it’s like to laugh until you cry snort. What it’s like to smile. What it’s like to embrace ridiculous. What it’s like to get carried away into a vortex of funny Internet videos.

So if you’re needing a laugh, here are some things that have made us laugh recently. A little inspiration, if you will. Happy laughing!

This video from Jeanne Robertson because we’ve all had an embarassing clothing malfunction:

This video from Ellen about autocorrect mishaps… because it could happen to you:

This BuzzFeed article with hilarious posts about dogs because dogs are the best (our therapy dog, Daisy, made us say that).

This video from The Late Late Show with James Corden because he’s never not funny:

This video from BuzzFeed of men trying on Spanx (Slightly inappropriate? Maybe, but try not to laugh.):

This epic homemade commercial. We’re not entirely sure what’s going on in it, but it makes us laugh.

And finally, these well-mannered insults to have in your back pocket: