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31 Ways to Care for Caregivers

Monday October 24, 2022

Blog on 31 Ways to Care for Caregivers

Caregivers need your help and encouragement. Caring for a loved one is difficult and isolating. There are lots of simple ways that you can make a caregiver’s day.

We challenge you to think of a caregiver you know and do one thing each day this month to show them you care. Make a caregiver’s day! Let’s reduce caregiver isolation and stress one good day at a time.

  1. Smile
  2. Give a hug
  3. Say, “You’re a wonderful caregiver!”
  4. Listen, don’t interrupt
  5. Give them the benefit of the doubt
  6. Mail a card just because
  7. Call
  8. Send a funny or encouraging text
  9. Take a bouquet of flowers
  10. Drop off a small treat at the door with no “from” on it
  11. Go visit
  12. Invite them over for a meal or football game
  13. Invite them over just because
  14. Have a normal conversation
  15. Remember and recognize birthdays/anniversaries that their loved one might forget
  16. Have coffee, muffins, and conversation one morning
  17. Take them their favorite Sonic or Starbucks drink
  18. Shop for groceries or pick up groceries that have been ordered online
  19. Take them out to eat
  20. Make a meal or an extra casserole
  21. Stay with their loved one for an hour or so while they run errands, go to an appointment, attend worship, etc.
  22. Pay for or be an in-home caregiver for the day
  23. Help them remember and keep doctor/dentist appointments
  24. Roll the garbage can to the street and roll it back when it’s been emptied
  25. Offer to change light bulbs and air filters or take the car for an oil change
  26. Do housework or hire housekeeping help
  27. Mow the yard or hire a yard service
  28. Wash clothes
  29. Put gas in the car
  30. Take the car to have it washed and/or serviced
  31. Ask specifically what the caregiver needs, and do it