What We Offer

  • You can have peace of mind when your loved one is at Page Robbins. We have a locked facility and a team of exceptional care assistants who strive to make this a happy place to be. Rest assured that your loved one will be safe and secure.

  • We run four activities schedules to ensure that individuals of all cognitive and physical abilities are appropriately engaged and can participate without fear of embarrassment or failure. Each day’s activities include some form of art, music, reminiscing, and exercise.

  • Thanks to partnerships with organizations like Creative Aging, Collierville Auxiliary, and Mid-South Therapy Dogs and Friends, we are able to provide demonstrations from local artists, intergenerational programming, and even therapy llama and donkey visits.

  • We have a fenced garden in which participants can enjoy walking down a flower-lined path, gardening, conversing under a shady gazebo, listening to our outdoor water features, and participating in activities such as golf or horseshoes on temperate days.

  • Page Robbins has its very own canine staff member, a Goldendoodle and therapy dog in training named Daisy. Participants and caregivers will have the opportunity to enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of canine companionship any time they please.

  • Each day, we provide breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack as part of a client’s monthly fee. Our experienced chef creates menus that provide our clients with balanced nutrition. Occasionally, clients join in on the food preparation with tasks like pea shelling and corn shucking.

  • We offer numerous practical services, such as periodic on-site podiatry appointments, bathing, home-style hair care, and shaving for a reasonable fee. Clients can also be pampered with free manicures.

Our Mission
To provide unique and uplifting care for adults with memory loss, in a safe environment, while empowering and educating their caregivers and the community

  • Unique & Uplifting Care

    Our expert team provides exceptional, loving care.

    Our expert team provides exceptional, loving care. These compassionate individuals make Page Robbins a fun and safe place to be. We think our care team is the best around. We may be a bit biased, but read what a caregiver had to say about our amazing staff: “Watching the staff interact with the clients is one of the most beautiful relationships I have ever witnessed. Their patience and understanding encourage me to mirror their actions and carry their kindness with me in all aspects of my life.”
  • Safe Environment

    We provide a safe and welcoming environment and respect and value all people. Click to learn more.

    We provide a safe and welcoming environment and respect and value all people. We put our participants above all else, striving to make every day their best day. Often, families report that before coming to Page Robbins, their loved one spent days home alone, in front of the television. You can have peace of mind when your loved one is at Page Robbins. Peace of mind that your loved one is safe, cared for, and engaged in meaningful activity. Peace of mind, so you can go to work, run errands, recharge and rest.

    Our facility is not drab or boring or clinical; it’s clean and bright. There is much joy within these walls. Friendly staff say hello as you come through the front door. We have a secure client area that is decorated with client artwork.

  • Education & Support

    We seek to empower and support caregivers and to educate and engage our community. Click to learn more.

    We seek to empower and support caregivers and to educate and engage our community. Caregivers need a support system, a place to ask questions and share concerns, and a spot for their grief and frustrations to land. We want to help caregivers find all those things. We have walked the caregiving journey many times with many caregivers. There’s a wealth of information here, just waiting to be shared. The following services are open to all caregivers, free of charge, regardless of whether or not your loved one is enrolled here:

    • Support groups and educational sessions
    • Information on other levels and kinds of care, such as long-term care
    • Advice on care-related topics
    • Information on community resources
    • Consultations on making future care plans

    We also believe in the power of community engagement and education. It’s important for those in our community to know about memory loss – how to interact with those with memory loss and how to better care for them and their caregivers. We give presentations to first responders, general businesses, medical professionals, bankers, students, church groups, etc.