The following donations were received from July to December 2018. A special thanks to all of these individuals, families, businesses, civic groups, and organizations who are making days and making a difference for our clients and their caregivers.

Client families pay about half the cost of care, and generous donors make up the other half to ensure the cost of care stays reasonable for families. We have to raise about $700,000 every year ($2,671 every day we’re open) to fund the budget.

Learn more about becoming a day giver or donate online.

Corporate, Church, and Community

$4,000 or more
St. Clair Foods – Day Givers!

$2,000 or more
American Snuff Company
Holy Apostles Church
International Paper

$1,000 or more
City Center Shopping Plaza
Collierville United Methodist Church
Four Seasons Auxiliary for Memory, Inc.
Patriot Bank
United Way of the Mid South

$500 or more
Bank of America
Collierville Connection

$250 or more
Collierville United Methodist Women

$100 and under
AmazonSmile Foundation
First Tennessee Foundation
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Women’s Guild
Renesant Bank
Widow’s Lunch Group

Individual and Family

$20,000 or more

$5,000 or more
Crews Family Foundation – Day Givers!
Les and Mary Robison – Caregiver Mini Conference Sponsors

$2,500 or more
Barry and Dee Baker
Jerry and Nina Patton Family Foundation Fund
Turner and Gloria Wingo

$1,000 or more
Scott and Kay Dawson
Larry and Cathy Goodwin
Paul and Cathy Hisky
Merle and Kathy Musser
Jack and Jan Scharff
John P. and Estelle K. Sheahan Fund
Mick and Myra Spach
Teresa Troup
Chuck and Elise Williams
Michael and Maureen Wittke
Tom and Paula Wood
Connie Wright

$500 or more
Polly Baxter
Thomas and Rosemary Hart
John and Betty Hurt
Chris Kotara
Roger and Sandra Lewis
Susan Malone
Richard and Nancy Mattox
Gary and Karen McCracken
Gregory Palandech
Jean Ridenour
John and Patsy Stroupe
Becky Thomas
Roy and Sheilah Thrash
Zheng-Min Xi (Ping and Jack)

$250 or more
Robert Ballard
JoAnne Cobb
Diana Gentleman
Lynne Hinton
Susan Kinnear
Dave and Donna Nelson
Ned and Lynn Nelson
Roy and Linda Stanfill
Charlie Thomas
Dorothy Wilson

$100 or more
Bernie and Peg Ausdenmoore
Marilyn Ayres
Cecil and Janis Bryan
Geraldine Burditt
Dan and Patty Bullock
Don Coates
Hank Davis
David and Noelle Dunavant
John and M.E. Fent
David Fraser
Elizabeth and Rick Gano
Diana Gentleman
Doug Golden
Frank Hadaway
Lynne Hinton
Shirley Howell
Ronnie and Pam Johnson
Robin King
Terry and Linda Knight
Mike and Delana Lynch
James Pope
Richard and Linda Rahija
Ric Russo
Greg Schaaf
Bryce Smith
Sandra and Bill Sossaman
Cassandra Taylor-Wilson
Linda Wainwright
Janice Way
Dorothy Wilson

$99 and under
Sandy Artus
Ellen Barry
Diane Bernstein
Sidna Bookout
Jenny Bullard
Stan Cooper
Dan and Gail Denley
R. C. and P. K. Dickey
Craig and Becki Edlin
Linda Farrell
Jim and Dee Flood
Lillie Ann Hale
Jeanne Hamilton
Mark and Joyce Hunter
Lowell Jenkins
Jim and Lois Johnston
Timothy and Barbara Johnston
John and Susan Lange
Richard and Anne Lee
Grace Looney
Major and Linda McNeil
Robert Mize
Michael and Meredith Odierna
Edward and Betty Only
James and Sally Reynolds
Thomas Salmon
Sandeford J. Schaeffer
Austin and Eugenia Trousdale
Ruth Weaver
James Williams


$5000 or more
Renasant Bank – Renasant Roots

$2000 or more
Collierville Community Fund

$500 or more
Twentieth Century Club

In Honor

Karen Absalom
Mary Kratz

Bradley Bacon
Ken and Sally Coe

Beverly Bain
Bryan and Dianne Barger

Dr. William Carmichael
Delta Chapter OTP

Lynn and William Clark
Charles Ernst and Isabel Nadeau

June Crowl
Phyllis Warmington

Betty Demay
Perry Dement

Ann Devere
Paul and Christine Woods

Oscar and Jennifer Edmonds
Bradley and Angela Griffith

Charles and Pat Ennis
Patriot Bank

Karl Fischer
Laura Nelson and Nancy Nelson

Finley Avett Foster
Taylor and Carolyn Foster

Jim and Lucia Gilliland
James and Janet Robbins

Jenny Sue Hadaway
Kathy Cross

The Halle Family
Barbara Hildebrandt

Frances Hinton’s Birthday
Herbie Krisle
Peggy Turnipseed

Patricia Kitching
Jean Hesselberg

Herbie Krisle
Peter and Mary Doran
Dave Herlong
Normal Whitehaven #43, Order of the Eastern Star
David and Betsy Sexton

Roger and Sandra Lewis
Steve and Maridonna Hicks
Christy Leard

Weesie McKenzie
Dorothy Wilson

Louise Milam
Rebecca Wade

John and Beth Lemm

Harry Montgomery
Deborah Cotney

Isabel Nadeau
William and Lynn Clark

Lynn and Ned Nelson
Laura Nelson and Nancy Nelson

Donna and Dave Nelson
Laura Nelson and Nancy Nelson

Jan Perry’s Birthday
Mike and Delana Lynch

Donald Richards
North Shelby Animal Hospital

Myra Spach
Freda Shoaf

Taylor Stamps
Kay Stamps

Roy and Linda Stanfill
Karl Fischer

Mary Wainscott, Beth Burgess, Paula Sullivan, Jeanne Gillis
Bryan and Dianne Barger

Janice Way
Dana Joan Ray
Jeff Ray

Betty Westmoreland
William Bailey
Edward Callis

Paul and Christi Woods
Jennifer Helffrich
Jerry Shore
Rob and Mary Summer

Their 57th Anniversary
Tommy and Rosemary Hart

In Memory

Charles Ashworth
Stephanie Anderson
John and Debbie Cressey
Steven and Arlene Engle
Kim Gannon
Kimberly Grbac
Sarah Hildebrand
Kristin and PK Johnson
Herbert Ann Krisle
Cole and Anthony McBride
Jill and John Monroe
Jim and Tina Olsen
Elizabeth Powitzky, Edward Jones
Joyce Quintrell
Karl and Jenny Ritter
William and Martha Steele
Kristie and Faron Thompson

Sylvia Baioni
Phillip Laster

Marvin Ballin
Lenard Hackel

Bubba Blackwell
George Allmon

Mary Bolfing
Betsy Bolfing

John Boudreaux
Jan Perry
Mike and Susie Justice
Herbert Ann Krisle
Joyce Quintrell

Sally Bilbrey
John and Melynda Sammons

Kelsey, Tom and Amy Brooks
Watty and Chris Hall – The Brooks Collection

Sarah Virginia Burks
Gates Lumber Company

Peggy Campbell
Herbert Ann Krisle

Alan Casey
Brodie and Faydra Foster – Day Givers!

Bill Cone
Brake Parts Inc.
Bill Cloys Family
Alice Cone and Family
Bob and Judy Hewitt
Bob and Glenda Higgins
Dennis and Barbara Hope
Ken and Mary Knight
Herbert Ann Krisle
Paul Maynard
James and Lisa Methvin
Richard and Sandra O’Rear
Larry and Julia Siler
Stratus Foods
Jason Walters

Bud Chittom
Lenard Hackel

Don Chu
Marvin Shapiro

Russ Cotney
Randy Flatt
Stewart and Jo Ann Harvey
Herbert Ann Krisle
Harry Montgomery
Hughes and Susan Webb
Robert and Nancy Williams

June Crowl
Billie Irby

D. Wayne Davis
Margaret Davis

Anthony “Tony” DeBenedictis
Ted Yeiser

Juanita Finley
Herbert Ann Krisle

Betty Fryman
Alan and Lori Higgins

Glenn J. Hawkins
Sharon Hawkins

Shirley Henry
Great Properties, Don and Nancy Chute
Jeff and Lynn Morris
Jeff, Terri and Sofia Rosica

Meng Sheng Huang and Shang Jiao Xu on Grandparents Day
Luke and Alana Hu Perkovic

Howard Irby
Jane Milton

Bobby Jackson
Betty Chambers
Marie Jackson

Helen Jaeger
Paul and Susan Kenny – Day Givers!

Bessie Jewel
Herbert Ann Krisle

Elizabeth Morton Johnson
Edgar and Becky Yandell

Allen C. Jones
Lenard Hackel

Henry W. Jones, Jr.
Jerry and Emily Gay

Jane Morrow Knowles
Lynn Ward

Red Krock
James and Diane Harrell

Cora DeBerry Lake
Cathy Black

AJ Locklear
Patricia Oeste

Steve McDoniel
Angeline Case-Stott
Judy Davis
Pam Guinn
Mike and Rose Hepler
Jerry and Bonnie Nowlin
James Richards

Martha McGuire
Toni and David Halle

Bob McKee
Bill and Robin Ballou

Billie McMillan
Robert Baumer
Judith Harber
Mary Henson
David and Carolyn Jones
Herbert Ann Krisle
John and Nancy McComas
Alan and Barbara Storey
Denise VanCleef

Carl Miller
Herbert Ann Krisle

Teresa De Moncada
Julia Anderson
Victoria Moncada Van Doren

Joan Newton
Helena Agri-Enterprises
Joyce Allen
Jerry and Margaret Brownlee
Herbert Ann Krisle
Kerry Morris
Kathy C. Rogers
David and Betsy Sexton
Quincy Thomas
Jennifer Warner
Keith and Sondra Webb
Barbara Weddle

Ronnie Peterson
Herbert Ann Krisle

Dora Pickard
Ron and Nina Gaddy

Chuck Polinski
Herbert Ann Krisle

Irma Pope
Albert Pope

R.H. Rastall
Herbert Ann Krisle

Margie Ray
James and Marie Knight

Lillie A. Russell
Collierville United Methodist Church
Frances Hinton
Taylor Stamps

Richard Sampson
Dave and Toni Rhylander

Richard Shaknis
Marshall and Mary Jane Criss
Essextech Group
Herbert Ann Krisle
Jean Trader
Page and Gail Williamson

Bill Smith
Herbert Ann Krisle

Dick Strub
Herbert Ann Krisle

Sidney Turnipseed
June Douglas
Rosemary and Tommy Hart
Herbert Ann Krisle
Dorothy Wilson

Benny Tyler
Jane Tyler Maners

Lillie Ann Russell
David and Betsy Sexton

Lawrence Gene Russum
Herman and Cumi Heuberger

Ella Walker
William and Gwendolyn Stuckey

Marilee Williams
Herbert Ann Krisle

Monthly Givers

Rashelle Baskin
Rob and Barbara Binford
Gene Carwright
Charlie and Joan Crowe
Mike and Charlene Davenport
Julie David
Peter and MJ Doran
Amy and Mike Feehan
Mark and Sara Hansen
Helena Agri-Enterprises
Mark and Joy Henry
Sheilla Hume
Roger and Sandra Lewis
Stanley and Nancy McArthur
Dave and Donna Nelson
Susan Patrone
James Pope
Dave and Toni Rhylander
Susan Roll
Carol Russell
Justin Shaw
Collierville UMC Sonrisers Sunday School Class
Georgia Stanfield
Scott Williams
Robin and Court Winsett
Paul and Christi Woods