The following donations were received July, August, September 2020. A special thanks to all of these individuals, families, businesses, civic groups, and organizations who are making days and making a difference for our clients and their caregivers!

Client families pay about half the cost of care, and generous donors make up the other half to ensure the cost of care stays reasonable for families. We have to raise $700,000 every year ($2,639 every day we’re open) to fund the budget.

Day Givers provide full days of care (gifts of $2,639 or greater) for our client families. Learn more about becoming a day giver or donate online.

Corporate, Community, and Foundation Day Givers

Carrier Corporation
Helena Agri-Enterprises
Jay Express LLC – Sujit Mehr and Family
Joseph G Markoly Foundation – grant to purchase new chairs
Patriot Bank and Patriot Bank Mortgage
Roadshow BMW/MINI – Roadshow Gives Back Partnership
UBS Financial Services

Individual and Family Day Givers

Polly and Graeme Horwood
Barbara Riley’s Estate
James G. and Janet Robbins
Barton and Cristy Thrasher
Christine and Paul Woods

Corporate, Community, and Foundation

Boyle Investment Company
The Brooks Collection
Burch, Porter & Johnson
Business Equipment Center
Christoval Foundation
Comfort Keepers
CUMC Christian Fellowship Class
CUMC New Beginnings Sunday School
CUMC Sonrisers Sunday School Class
Desoto Management and Investments – Stephanie Lawson
Farris Bobango Branan, PLC
First Horizon Bank
Germantown Garden Club
Home Helpers of Germantown – MaryLou Nowak
Home Surety Title
John Green & Company
Kiwanis Club of Germantown
Lowrie Electric
Mid South Therapy Dogs & Friends
Neurology Clinic
New Neighbers of the Greater Memphis Area
Red Door Wealth Management
United Way Of The Mid South
Whole Foods Market Germantown
Williams McDaniel, PLLC

Individual and Family

John Absalom
Patricia Aeschliman
Bill and Gail Akey
Wendy Bacon
Martha Baker
Robert and Barbara Ballard
John and Sandy Barrios
Jennifer Bennett
Sherri and Mark Beutelschies
Lisa Bobal
Beaulah Bowman
Anthony and Christy Bradley
Charlene Broyles
Chris and Heather Brucks
Steve and Anita Brunson
Jan and Cecil Bryan
Kathryn Bullwinkel
Gerry Burditt
Robert Burns and Linda Nichols
Artie and Janet Byrd
Gene Cartwright
Edward and Dolores Cattau
Courtney Chandler
Leanne and Darian Chasteen
John and Donna Christian
Mary Cokeing
Chris and Stacy Coughlin
Wayne Coward
Eric Cowling
Beverly Crossnoe
Charlie and Joan Crowe
Mike and Charlene Davenport
Julie and William David
Michael and Pam DeMato
Tammy DeNiro
MJ and Peter Doran
Jordan and Bryan Edmundson
David and Debi Elliott
Amy and Mike Feehan
Jerry Ferguson
Terri Fick
Melissa Flaskamp
Hal Fogelman
Sue Frost
Stephen and Melanie Galloway
Mike and Carol Gambale
Rick and Liz Gano
Saie Ganoo
Sharon Goldsworthy
Jim Guess
Tharen Haley
Steve Harris
Tommy and Rosemary Hart
Steve and Alexis Heinz
Camille and Dewitt Hill
Paul and Cathy Hisky
Judy Hoffman
Jon Hornyak
Dwana and John Huffstutter
Rodney James
Pam and Jay Jeffries
Carole and Michael Johnson
Pam and Ronnie Johnson
Ken Judd
Carol and David Kabakoff
Barry and Phyllis Kelton
Robin King
Lori and Carroll Kirkpatrick
James and Marie Knight
Patricia Laws
Chris Lawson
Pat Lendabarker
Roger and Sandra Lewis
John and Renee Loebel
George and Sissy Lofton
Donna Malone
Ernie and Linda Mannerino
Chastin Manning
Joan and Tom Martin
Stanley and Nancy McArthur
The McCarroll Family
Donna Morris
Dave and Donna Nelson
Ned and Lynn Nelson
Loretta Ogden
Lucia Outlan
Susan Petrone
Alana and Luka Perkovic
Rose Pollard and Charles Briggs
James Pope
Courtney Powell
Jennifer Powers
The Rayl Family
Richard Reinhardt
Toni and Dave Rhylander
Lauren and Eddie Robinson
Susan Roll
Mike and Carol Ross-Spang
Patti Russell
Ric and Kathy Russo
Amy and Bill Ryan
Jack Scharff
Dana Schillawski
Leonard and Brenda Schingle
Betsy and David Sexton
Estelle K. Sheahan
Kay Shubeck
Debra and Garry Simpson
Ken Stalls
Georgia Stanfield
Elizabeth Straube
Howard Strelsin
Peggy and Larry Swingholm
Sue Gail Tackett
Adam and Lauren Thornton
Roy and Sheilah Thrash
David and Becky VanDeren
Beth and Bob Vornbrock
Linda Wainwright
Rachel and David Wall
Robert and Holly Walters
Lynn Ward
Mike and Suzanne Ware
Phyllis Warmington
Fairy and Brad Waters
Ruth Weaver
Steve and Kim Weaver
Todd and Barbara Weddle
Virginia and Bill Weeks
Shelton and Judy Wilder
Scott Williams
Julia and Jim Williams
Turner and Gloria Wingo
Robin and Cort Winsett
Paul and Ava Witt
Kirby and Stella Woehst
Harry and Deborah Worley
Lena Zodda
Terry Zubrod

In Honor

Evelyn Daugherty
Sonya and Bill Scofield

Judy Davis
Becky McDoniel

Joan Frye
Roland and Angie Frye

Herbie Krisle
Teresa and Garman Troup
Lisa Turman

Isabel Nadeau
William and Lynn Clark

Joyce Quintrell
Terrie Kirksey

Page Robbins Staff
Christine and Paul Woods

Betty Weaver
Steve and Kim Weaver

Paul Woods
Gina Kamler

In Memory

Walter Aeschliman
Patricia Aeschliman

Tom Allen
Toni and David Halle

Brad Bacon
The Boca Raton Welcome Club
George and Mary Anne Cibulas
Craig and Becki Edlin
Don and Vicky Goodin
Joyce and Barry Levin
Peter and Faye A. Van
Whitehorn Tankersley & Davis, PLLC – J. Steve Davis
Timothy and Lori Young

Carolyn Brock
Ava and Paul Witt

Barbara Ann Clark
Serving Our Seniors

Doris Crawford
Bill Crawford

Tommy Dickerson
Jack and Helen Dixon
Buddy and Marie Mote

Betty Fryman
Alan and Lori Higgins

James Brent Groves
June Douglas

Glenn Hawkins
Sharon Hawkins

Frances Hinton
Bobby and Sally Carruthers
Harry and Connie Durbin
Susan Eller
Tommy and Rosemary Hart
Robert and Catharine Jones
Len, Susan and Josh Lawhon
Michelle and Guy Respess
Jim and Sally Reynolds
Norma Simon
Myra and Mick Spach
Peggy Turnipseed
Phyllis Warmington
Judy Whalen

Betty Hurt
Sylvia Foster
John Hurt
Carol Johnson
Sally Rogers
Linda and Ron Sklar
Joyce Davis Woods

Jan Jeffrey
Jane, Carol, Susie and Delana

John St. John
Toni and David Halle

James Edward LaBouve
Carrier Corporation

Cora DeBerry Lake
Cathy Black

Bob Laratta
Patricia Laws

Janet Lawson
Stephanie Lawson

Howard and Marion Lendabarker
Patricia Lendabarker

Donald “Ray” Lessel
Barton and Cristy Thrasher

Alla Deane McCarroll
Martha O. Apple
Ken and Lynn Carver
Carrier Corporation
Charles and Donna Dickinson
Jack and Betty Only
Wayne Rodgers

Ruth McLeod
Lynne Hinton

Louise Milam
Richard Warren

Nadean Parker
Wes Parker

Bernice Sandy
Elizabeth McCommon

Rudi Scheidt
Sharon Shaknis

Jeanne Scruggs
Shirley Howell

Geno Selene
Teresa Jordan

Bobby Stricklin
Frances Owen

Trintje Wade
Bill Crawford

Gary Wiedower
June Douglas

Mrs. Margaret Williams
Larry and Pat Thomas

Peggy Wiseman
Barton and Cristy Thrasher

Nina Young
Sondra and Keith Webb