The following donations were received January 2020. A special thanks to all of these individuals, families, businesses, civic groups, and organizations who are making days and making a difference for our clients and their caregivers.

Client families pay about half the cost of care, and generous donors make up the other half to ensure the cost of care stays reasonable for families. We have to raise more than $700,000 every year ($2,817 every day we’re open) to fund the budget.

Learn more about becoming a day giver or donate online.

Corporate, Community, and Foundation

CUMC New Beginnings Sunday School
CUMC Sonrisers Sunday School Class
Collierville Women’s Club Inc.
HarborChase of Germantown
Helena Agri-Enterprises – Day Donor!
John Green & Company Realtors
Lowrie Electric
Neurology Clinic
Patriot Bank
Renansant Bank

Individual and Family

Wendy Bacon
Kevin and Rhonda Baltier
John and Sandy Barrios
Craig and Julia Berry
Keith and Mary Billingsley
Greg and Barbara Binford
David and Ashley Bradford
Adam and Melony Bratton
Rusty and Christy Butcher
Gene Cartwright
Al and Jeanne Cash
Edward and Dolores Cattau
Darian and Leanne Chasteen
Susan Christopher
Don and Nancy Chute
Deborah Cotney
Greg and Debbie Cotton
James and Elizabeth Couture
Dale and Dawn Criner
Charlie and Joan Crowe
Gaither and Peggy Daugherty
Mike and Charlene Davenport
Julie David
Tom and Terry Dean
MJ and Peter Doran
Mike and Amy Feehan
George and Elaine Fetzer-Gill
Sylvia Foster
David and Toni Halle
Mike and Denise Hamby
Margaret and Paul Henley
Barbara Hildebrandt
Dewitt and Camille Hill
Cathy and Paul Hisky
John and Dwana Huffsutter
Ed and Susan King
Don and Olive Kitchens
Robert and Dianne Laster
Margaret and Steve Lawrence
Stephanie Lawson
Robin Leffler
Roger and Sandra Lewis
Stanley and Nancy McArthur
John McGee
Michael Miller
Mike and Suzanne Mimms
Mark and Sheila Moody
Justin and Kathleen Muck
Jay and Maureen Myers
Dave and Donna Nelson
Elizabeth Novick
MaryLou Nowak
Carl and Jennifer O’Connell
Judith Oliver
Lucia Outlan
Susan Patrone
Joe and Kay Paul
Lisa and Barry Payne
James Pope
Toni and Dave Rhylander
Les and Mary Robison
Nancy Roemer
Greg and Susan Roll
Vic and Carolyn Santos
Patricia Scarborough
Fran Stanfield
Peggy and Larry Swingholm
Joel and Emily Thomas
Adam and Lauren Thornton
Cristin and Barton Thrasher
Mike and Suzanne Ware
Steve and Kim Weaver
Jessica and Sandy Webb
David and Carole Williams
Scott Williams
Robin and Cort Winsett
Christine and Paul Woods

In Honor

Stanley Vinson Cobb
Deborah Moses

Donna and Dave Nelson
Laura and Nancy Nelson

Lynn and Ned Nelson
Laura and Nancy Nelson

Paul and Christine Woods
Adam and Emily Patterson

In Memory

Karen Absalom
Paula and Cliff Barnes
Jennifer Cooper
Tommy and Rosemary Hart
Barbara McConville
Richard and Sibyl Pilon
Joyce Quintrell
David and Betsy Sexton
Ruthann Shelton
Dr. Walter and Tandy Shields

Mary Sue Bea
James Barkley

Joseph Boucher
David and Becky VanDeren

Don Chu
Marvin Shapiro

Glenn Hawkins and Mrs. Stoner
Sharon Hawkins

Evelyn Rhodes
Joyce Quintrell

Pete Roemer
Tim and Lynn Clay
Patten and Patten

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Ross
Toni and David Halle

Eve Sparks
Hope Bragg

Sylvia Waters
Joyce Quintrell

Sandra Yenser
Elizabeth McConville
SpeedPro Imaging