The following donations were received April, May, and June 2020. A special thanks to all of these individuals, families, businesses, civic groups, and organizations who are making days and making a difference for our clients and their caregivers!

Client families pay about half the cost of care, and generous donors make up the other half to ensure the cost of care stays reasonable for families. We have to raise $700,000 every year ($2,639 every day we’re open) to fund the budget.

Day Givers provide full days of care (gifts of $2,639 or greater) for our client families. Learn more about becoming a day giver or donate online.

Corporate, Community, and Foundation Day Givers

Christoval Foundation
Donna and Dave Nelson Family Foundation
Robert E. and Evelyn McKee Foundation – grant to purchase new chairs

Individual and Family Day Givers

Artie and Janet Byrd
Brodie and Faydra Foster – In Memory of Alan Casey
Margaret and Steve Lawrence – In Memory of Warren Lawrence
Robin Leffler
David and Betsy Sexton
John Stroupe – In Memory of Pete Roemer

Corporate, Community, and Foundation

AmazonSmile Foundation
American Snuff Company
Bethany Christian Church Women Fellowship
Collierville Contemporary Club
CUMC Sonrisers Sunday School Class
Helena Agri-Enterprises
UBS Financial Services Inc.

Individual and Family

Patricia Aeschliman
Asher and Holly Ailey
Lisa and Gregory Anyan
Laverne Arnett
Peg Ausdenmoore
The Baker Family
James Barkley
Polly Baxter
Wes and Beth Belleville
Greg and Barbara Binford
Larry and Wendy Boyd
Anthony and Christy Bradley
Terry Brown
Bebe Buck
Judy and Jerry Burch
Gene Cartwright
Al and Jeanne Cash
Susan Christopher
Alice Cone
Chris and Stacy Coughlin
William Crawford
Charlie and Joan Crowe
Mike and Charlene Davenport
Julie and William David
Randall, Teresa, and Katie Davis
Margaret Davis
Scott Davis
MJ and Peter Doran
June Douglas
Melanie and John Duncan
Charles and Pat Ennis
Amy and Mike Feehan
Nancy Finley
Ken Fluke
Hal Fogelman
Sylvia Foster
Chuck Foura
David Fraser
Stephen and Melanie Galloway
Roland and Nicole Germain
Robert and Angela Hagstrom
Mark and Sara Hansen
Jamie and Ross Harris
Rosemary and Tommy Hart
Herman and Cumi Heuberger
Alan and Lori Higgins
Barbara Hildebrandt
Anna Holt
John Hurt
Lowell and Jo Ann Jenkins
Shayne and Gerrie Jernigan
Lori Jernigan
Lynn Jones
Paul and Lisa Junkins
Julie and Ray Kinney
Carol Knop
Robert and Dianne Laster
Honrong Feng and Jacqueline Lee
Beth and John Lemm
Roger and Sandra Lewis
Sue Littlejohn
Grace Looney
Jane Tyler Maners
Ernie and Linda Mannerino
Nora and John Manser
Elizabeth and Alex Mathew
Robin Mayhall
Stanley and Nancy McArthur
William McKinney
Sonal and Sujit Mehr
Gary and Shannon Mullins
Merle and Kathy Musser
Jay and Maureen Myers
Dave and Donna Nelson
Lucia Outlan
Susan Patrone
Cindi and Kevin Perkins
James Pope
Joe Lee and Jennifer Rape
Virginia Rayl
Charles Rayl
Dave and Toni Rhylander
Susan Roll
Donna Russell
Thomas and Helen Salmon
Paul Schuhlein
Leah and Ben Shull
Pat and Doug Smith
Jim and Janice Sorsby
Mick and Myra Spach
Paula Stack
Georgia Stanfield
Roy and Linda Stanfill
Glen and Margaret Stewart
JoAnne Cobb and Connie Taylor
Jeanne and Charlie Thomas
Roy and Sheilah Thrash
David and Becky VanDeren
Becky Wade
Sara Ward
Janice Way
Keith and Leesa Wilkinson
Don and Sherry Williams
Carole and Dodd Williams
Johnny and Kim Williams
Scott Williams
Dorothy Wilson
Turner and Gloria Wingo
Cort and Robin Winsett
Kirby and Stella Woehst
Paula and Tom Wood
Christine and Paul Woods
David and Connie Wright
Tasha Wright
Jack and Ping Xi
David and Linda Young
Bob and Terry Zimmerman
Lena Zodda

In Honor

Betty Adkins
Becky Kissinger

Vicky Brenner
Rose Hepler

Family Caregivers
Janet McQuarrie

Evelyn Daugherty
Danny and Abby Reed

Mary Fent
John Fent

Betsy Friedl’s Birthday
Bob Friedl

Tracy Marie Goodwin
Cathy and Larry Goodwin

Herbie Krisle
Drs. Nelson and Betty Campany
Janet Cluck
Mike and Suzanne Ware
Dave and Beth Herlong

Bob and Diane Laster Anniversary
Teresa and Rick Jordan

CJ Powell
Leia Blazek

Kim and Tom Sauer
Tamah and Jeff Halfacre

Betsy and David Sexton
Suzette Moore
Harry Nichols

Kay Shubeck
Jill Seabrook

Page Robbins Staff
Kathryn Broyles
Sam and Kim Cox
MJ and Peter Doran
John McGee
Gary and Patti Russell

Mary Ventura
John Ventura

Betty Westmoreland
Edward and Brenda Callis

Elise Williams
Tom and Beth Webb

In Memory

Karen Absalom
Julie, Rick and Corey Smith

Walter Aeschliman
Patricia Aeschliman

James Blackwell and James Barger
Larry H. Nance, Attorney at Law

Chuck and Millie Ashworth
Cynthia Gresham

Elizabeth Baker
James and Ciara Lacy

Bob and Sue Broughton
Sandy and John Uran

Louise Passarella Brown
Tamela Joyner
Mearl Purvis

Tom Bryan
Jean Bryan

Esther Burton
David Burton

Peggy Campbell
Betty Westmoreland
Alan Casey
Patricia Casey
Frances Parker

Larry and Jean Conatser
Jan and Cecil Bryan

John Connors
Larry and Wendy Boyd

Russ Cotney
Deborah Cotney

Barbara Cromwell
James and Janet Robbins

Martha Deskin
Leia Blazek
Debby Buck
George Cook

Henry DiVirgilio
Annette DiVirgilio

Jim Doran
Ron Gaddy

Frances Drury
Eleanor McGovern

Vivian J. Finley
Kenneth Finley

Richard Kern Fisher
Kenneth and Debra Nichols

Morris Frankel
Paul and Rose Frankel

Jean-Paul Gentleman Sr.
Diana Gentleman

Doris B. Goddard
The Goddard Foundation
Sue Hadaway
Frank Hadaway

Janice Hanson
Cathy Snow

Frances Hinton
Collierville Contemporary Club
Jeff and Jane Crabtree
June Crowl
Billie Irby
Nancy Pierce
Joyce Quintrell
Jim and Janice Sorsby
Lauran and Dean Wingo

Elizabeth Colville Holt
Ron Gaddy

Meng Sheng Huang and Shang Jiao Xu
Luka and Alana Perkovic

Bob Hudnall
Sally and Dan Barron

Howard Irby
Billie Irby
Gene Milton

Carol Lewis Jones
Lucia Outlan

June Judd
Ken Judd

Jennell King
Sharon Shaknis

Bob Mayhugh
Craig and Lynn Altepeter

Diana Mazas
Anna Hogan

Alla Deane McCarroll
Grettle Smith
George and Trudy Allmon
Callie Potts
Jeffrey Land
Virginia Sharpe
Ed Wallace
Kim Beaulieu
Joe and Chris Murray
Susan Moody
Trudy Crabb

Steve McDoniel
Becky McDoniel

Jimmy Moore
Betty G. Moore

Margaret Z. and E. James Nelson, Jr.
Laurie Nelson
Nancy Nelson

Joan Newton
Linda Wainwright

Elizabeth North
Tom and Patricia North

Bryson Randolph
Mike and Carol Ross-Spang

Margie Ray
Maurice and Maya Daniels

Pete Roemer
Jim and Betty Stark

Rod Shreve
Amy Shreve

Bobby Stricklin
Sondra Abraham
Sara Collie
Barbara Jones
Sam and Wendy Kerley
Mike and Delores Porter

Fay Talarico
Fran Gurkin

Neil Taylor
Kitty Taylor
Kirby and Stella Woehst

Brenda Vernon
Four Seasons Auxiliary for Memory, Inc.
Sharon Shaknis

Gene Walker
James and Brenda Walker

Jo Ann Washburn
Meghan and Ryan Heimke

Joan Weaver
Calvin and Brenda Ozier

Don Yearwood
Joe Paul

Agnes Zodda
Lena Zodda